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About our workshop

Welcome to our site! We are a violin workshop in Shanghai specialising in making string instruments from top quality seasoned wood, some of which have been dried for at least 50 years. Our master luthier, Liu Rong Guo, was trained in Italy, and is a winner of many prestigious prizes for violinmaking in China.

Please feel free to take a stroll round our shop and feast your eyes on our products. We take great pride in all our instruments, and have an extensive range to suit all tastes. And if you can't find something you like, well, simply let us know, and we will do our best to find one for you. We will even make one for you to your specifications.

What we can offer?

We also sell high quality bows, strings, cases and other accessories. We sell our own co-ordinated sets of pegs and tailpieces and other fittings, with which we can personalise your instrument for you.

We can assure you that what you will get from us will be an instrument - violin viola, cello or double-bass - of the highest quality at a most reasonable price. You will own an instrument that you can be proud of, to use or collect, to show to all your friends and colleagues. It will be one than can hold its own against even the best string instruments from Europe costing 10 or even 100 times more!

We achieve the wonderful tone and sound projection in our instruments through a technology called Acoustic Wave Vibration Science. In simple terms this means that the co-ordinating plates of the instrument are measured and constructed to the best compatible ratios to produce the strongest and best-sounding resonances.

That is what is truly unique about our instruments. Sure,we can copy the designs of old master violinmakers in Europe, but they, with the greatest respect, did not have our modern technology. And so, in making some of our instruments to their designs, we both celebrate their achievements with our modern technologies and bring those achievements into the 21st century.

That is why we can say

"European string instruments have established a great history, but Chinese string instruments are the dawn of the future."

So look forward, and own your very own genuine Chinese top quality violin, viola, cello or double-bass!

We have an enormous list of compliments from satisfied customers. Here are only some of the them.

Masters Violin Co. (Mr Liu)
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